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Silicon is an essential component of every living organism. It is worth taking care of the correct level of silicon throughout the year, especially in the period of increased infections, it is necessary for the proper functioning and strengthening of the body. Thanks to it, you will enrich your diet and strengthen the body for the season of increased viral infections.


By using natural organic silicon OrSi at a minimum dose of 10 mg / day and externally in a spray, hair loss is prevented, it is strengthened from the bulbs to the ends, accelerates their growth and improves the overall condition and appearance.


OrSi silicon is not only a great dietary supplement, but when used externally (as a tonic or gel) at the same time, it can replace more than one wonderful cosmetic. Silicon stimulates the regeneration processes taking place in the skin, and by taking part in the synthesis of connective tissue proteins, collagen and elastin, it firms the skin and eliminates the already formed wrinkles.


No organism can exist without silicon

W. Wiernadski

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