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Already in the Middle Ages, St. Hildegard of Bingen in his work “Physica. The healing work of creation - the natural force of the influence of things ”, described the use of gemstones for health-promoting purposes. These stones, such as olivine and jasper, contain silicon. Today we know that silicates are one of the organic forms of silicon found on earth, and its deficiency, like other nutritional elements, can cause various diseases. 

Silicon is an essential component of every living organism. It is found especially in life-giving fluids, such as chlorophyll in plants or hemoglobin in the human body. Research shows that an adult person has about 6-7 g of silicon, and some tissues accumulate more than others, especially those related to the immune system, such as lymph nodes, lungs, spleen or aorta, as well as all connective tissue cells . This is where the role of silicon is probably most important. 
It is worth adding that all internal glands also contain a large amount of silicon, and its deficiency can significantly disturb their work.

There are countless microbes in our body. Viruses, bacteria, protozoa and parasites. Especially the latter can effectively rob our body of silicon. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the acid-base balance in order to prevent the multiplication of pathogens. The Russian scientist M. Voronkov proved that silicon absorbs and binds fungi, incl. Candida or other mycotoxins that influence the growth of dysbacteriosis. It turns out, however, that symbiotic bacteria from the Lactobacillus family do not "stick" to silicon solutions. It is an extremely valuable discovery. Thanks to him, we know how important the symbiotic balance in our intestines is for human immunity .

Russian scientists have also proved that water activated by silicon becomes bactericidal, kills viruses , lowers blood sugar levels and can be of great importance in the fight against cancer. 
Despite the high silicon content in the lithosphere, as it is there, it cannot contribute to any good in our body. It occurs there in a mineral, oxidized form and is completely indifferent to humans. However, there is also silicon in unoxidized and organic form.

It is worth taking care of the correct level of silicon throughout the year, especially in the period of increased infections, it is necessary for the proper functioning and strengthening of the body . If a valuable diet is not able to meet the demand for this mineral, it is worth supplementing it with appropriate supplementation. On the market you will find the only organic silicon in Poland (monomethylsilanetriol) in Orsi liquid . The great advantage of the product is that it is over 70% bioavailable by the body and that no side effects have been observed. Thanks to it, you will enrich your diet and strengthen the body for the season of increased viral infections.


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