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We founded Dorsim in 2009, guided by the vision of using the latest pharmaceutical technologies to create the best natural products. We believed that we could create excellent dietary supplements with proven safety and effectiveness that would be used by people all over the world. Today we can say that we are making this vision a reality.

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Each of us, wishing to achieve and maintain the best possible health throughout life, must start from the foundation in the form of proper nutrition. 
But even when we try to eat a varied diet, it is sometimes difficult to achieve this goal. That is why Dorsim offers a comprehensive set of natural dietary supplements containing optimal doses of important vitamins and minerals, as well as a comprehensive set of antioxidants. Carefully developed recipes make Dorsim's products surpass many other supplements available on the market.
Today's lifestyle places greater demands on our body than it used to be. Environmental pollution, stress at work and daily challenges are increasing, so our body requires additional nutrition tailored to specific needs.
Dorsim has products that have been specially developed to meet your specific health needs.
Each product is carefully tested, thanks to which it contains only natural, purest, highest-quality ingredients in safe, optimal doses.

Krzysztof Edward Marczak 


Sales office

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phone: 48 22 403 63 55
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