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Action  OrSi Gel based on  organic silicon (monomethylsilanetriol):

  • prevents water loss from the epidermis and its drying.
  • softens the skin and eliminates its roughness.
  • intensively smoothes the skin,
  • improves its firmness, elasticity and elasticity.
  • regenerates and stimulates the skin to renew.
  • perfectly soothes all irritations,
  • acts as an auxiliary with  allergies, acne and psoriasis.
  • soothes sunburn
  • acceleration of healing and scarring of wounds (wounds must not be oozing)
  • strengthens the nail plate
  • has a soothing effect on joints, teeth and bones
  • accelerates the disappearance of bruises
  • has a soothing effect on the legs (especially in the case of varicose veins and spider veins)
  • moisturizes the nasal mucosa


Organic Silicon OrSi Gel

SKU: 012223
Sales Tax Included
  • 15 g

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